Shannon Arndt is the owner of Lone Lake Physical Therapy, LLC. She graduated at the top of her class from the University of Rhode Island with her MSPT. Shannon is a Board Certified Specialist in the Strain and Counterstrain technique. She uses a manual approach to treatment, helping normalize muscle tone and improving muscle balance, while strengthening the body to support correct alignment. Shannon enjoys the challenge of discovering all interconnecting components of physical impairments and educating people on how to independently manage their physical health.

Shannon is the mother of two young boys and is supported by a wonderful husband. Life is busy but when she finds time she loves hiking, biking, swimming, and playing with her family.


  • Strain Counterstrain: Board Certified in 2014 through The Jones Institute
  • Teacher’s Assistant with the Jones Institute
  • Completing the Mastery Program through The Counterstrain Academy
  • Advanced clinical diagnosis: NAIOMT (North American Institute of Manual Therapy) Level 1: Spine, Level II: Lower and Upper Quarter
  • Therapeutic Yoga, Senior Strength Training


Connie Lloyd graduated from the University of Kansas with a BS in physical therapy and is a Certified Feldenkrais® practitioner. Her passion is in prevention of physical dysfunction and in maintaining function as we age. She treats with a focus on posture training, movement re-education, and relaxation training.

Connie and her husband are animal lovers sharing their lives with horses, dogs, and a parrot. Outside of work, her interests include horseback riding, kayaking, and gardening.


  • Certified Feldenkrais® practitioner
  • Continuing education focus on stress management in relationship to pain.


Sue Taves has 20+ years of experience in neurologic rehabilitation. She helps people with multiple sclerosis, chronic stroke issues, spinal cord injuries, brain injury or other chronic neurological issues, to regain independence and functional mobility. Sue also works on general strengthening, balance and fall prevention with her advanced training in motor re-education, balance training and exercise. Sue graduated from Northwestern University in Chicago with her Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy.

Sue is an accomplished Artist, you can see her work at


  • Sue has focused her recent continuing education in gait analysis, balance and falls, and neuroplasticity.
  • Certified Ergonomics Assessment Specialist


Jessica Durr graduated with her Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Washington University in St. Louis, MO in 2011. She uses a combination of manual therapy and corrective exercise to help people stay active and achieve their functional goals. Jessica teaches ways to correct dysfunctional and painful movement patterns as well as improve body awareness and alignment, motor control, strength, joint mobility, flexibility and balance, and she enjoys prevention-based training.

Jessica really enjoys spending time with her husband and young daughter, outdoor adventuring and travel whenever time permits.

Other Training:

  • RockTape, Restorative Exercise Specialist (In Training)


Julie Gersten (MA 6174) has 30 years of massage/shiatsu experience with adults and children, as well as almost 20 years as a certified Feldenkrais® practitioner and educator.

Julie has lived on Whidbey Island for 20 years. Julie is motivated by expanding her understanding of the nature of a person's healing process; and using this knowledge to work in new ways to help the body heal through massage. In her leisure time, Julie enjoys gardening and kayaking.


  • Licensed Massage Practitioner
  • Certified Feldenkrais® practitioner
  • Continuing education for Structural Release Therapy


Diane is our office manager and billing specialist. She has an extensive background in administrative support and customer service. Diane coordinates therapist and patient schedules and helps patients navigate the complicated world of health insurance coverage.